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Focus on the present: Do that dramatic deal now! The past is dead, the future distant (and beyond bonuses). It’s best to ignore the existing business and especially its culture--anything established takes time to change. Instead merge like mad, with the devils you don’t know. This is sure to catch the attention of stock market analysts and traders. (Ignore the risks: your golden parachute will save you.)

Coinciding with the Royal Shakespeare Company Rome Season on stage, this free exhibition celebrates political cartoons inspired by Shakespeare with brand new ...

So if we think about the text that defined fandom over time, Star Trek is certainly one of those, Star Wars is another, Harry Potter is another, Buffy is another, maybe Xena - these are the fandoms that represent a profound shift in the way fandom operates. It’s easy to understand, then, why some St ar Trek fans saw Star Wars as a threat or competition. It certainly fell into the fault lines of what people thought science fiction was. Star Trek was seen as true science fiction – science fiction about ideas, about the future, about utopian and dystopian alternatives. Star Wars was seen as space opera, fantasy, bound up with spectacular special effects. But I never understood why you had to pick one over the other. Different tastes, different moments in our lives, but all representing exciting contributions to the larger development of science fiction.

My eyesight is no longer correctable to 20/20. As a result, I generally shoot like crap with iron sights at anything other than short ranges. I knelt in the dirt behind a folding table and squinted through the Big Boy’s buckhorn rear sight while shooting the groups above. My first three shots from the Big Boy went into the lower cloverleaf on the target above, and the second three shots went into the upper cloverleaf. In each group, the center-to-center distance is slightly less than inches.

James Franco plays eccentric filmmaker Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist . Franco says Wiseau "looks sort of like a mix between a vampire and a pirate and Michael Jackson... He has long black hair that looks like it's dyed with magic marker." Justina Mintz/Courtesy of A24 hide caption

In time, the workplace pension providers could fill the void between those with super-small pots (that could cash-out with little negative consequence and the larger pots that could be managed with the help of an IFA “wealth” manager).

When the war broke out the Chelsea School was evacuated from London, and Moore stopped teaching. At first he worked mostly in his cottage in Kent, until its propinquity to the Channel coast, where invasion was hourly expected, forced a return to London. The Moores eventually took a house at Perry Green, Much Hadham, in Hertfordshire , which became their permanent home. There, in the tranquil countryside about 20 miles north of London, he slowly added studios and extra rooms to an ancient farmhouse.

Henry Gross - What's In A NameHenry Gross - What's In A NameHenry Gross - What's In A NameHenry Gross - What's In A Name