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Here they go again . . trying to indoctrinate us with their useless ideas. Instead of a loving God creating this universe we are supposed to believe that by a random set of circumstances we came to being and not only that, now you tell me that aliens came and planted life here.?!?! Then teenagers that learn those silly ideas behave as if there is no Creator to be accountable harming others and themselves and we are surprised by it? Oh yeah and we are supposed to call it science (hint it is called science FICTION). Please reserve your ideas to comic books and do your self a favor and read the first chapter of Genesis humbly praying that God may give you understanding . .

well then what is the problem? get the meds and stop worrying about what i say. i say your wrong and i have proof. how people can live with things they can’t fix is insane if you ask me. i wanted to know the answers and they were shown to me, but you wanted nothing and nothing was given to you. you going to get even with who? someone just like you, who nothing means nothing. your life was the biggest waste of time. it was all laid out in front of you and you seen nothing, it was hiding in plain site…

Suicidal Angels - Divide And ConquerSuicidal Angels - Divide And ConquerSuicidal Angels - Divide And ConquerSuicidal Angels - Divide And Conquer